National Board

ESN Lithuania is managed by the National Board which was established in 2010. National Board presents organisation in the International level of ESN, organises National events, keeps the connection between Local sections, provides facilities for their development. Also works in the interest of international students trying to represent their interests and ensure a social-friendly atmosphere during their stay in Lithuania.

To ensure fluent work of ESN Lithuania, National Board organizes the most important decision-making event of National ESN level - National Platform, which is organised 4 times per year.

There are 7 regular members of the National Board.

Official mandate lasts for 1 year starting from 1st of July.

Current National Board


Laura Šulcaitė

Email: [email protected]

Buddy sections: ESN Vilnius university, ESN LSU, ESN VIKO.

Vice President

Šarūnas Selvestravičius

Email: [email protected]

National Representative

Vygantas Masalskas

Email: [email protected]

Buddy sections: ESN ŠU, ESN KTU.

Communication Manager

Ugnė Zieniūtė

Email: [email protected]

Buddy sections: ESN LSMU, ESN KK, ESN EHU.

Events Manager

Agnė Marčiulaitytė

Email: [email protected]

Buddy sections: ESN VMU, ESN KUK.


Lukas Blusevičius

Email: [email protected]

Buddy sections: ESN VGTU, ESN ISM, ESN MRU Vilnius.

National Board meeting

In order to ensure the productivity of the National Level of ESN Lithuania, twice a month the National Board is having physical meetings or Calls to discuss the current matters of the Network and provide the most beneficial outcomes. Below you can find the reports of the aforementioned meetings.

National Board Meetings' protocols

You can find current National Level monthly reports here.

Former National Boards

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