„Colours of Lithuania: #ShowLithuania“

This is a new project, carried out in collaboration with State Department of Tourism Under the Ministry of Economy. The purpose of this photo contest is to integrate incoming foreign students into our society, get them in touch with Lithuania, its traditions and culture.

The project, which is carried out every half-year (semester), covers a wide variety of topics which will help exchange students to socialize more and get a taste of Lithuanian lifestyle. #ShowLithuania is the theme of 2015 fall semester.

Almost everyone foreign student does not forget their camera as they are packing their stuff for their exchange. It is hard to imagine saving memories without one… You only need to find a suitable moment, which would (re)present the country through the student’s eyes. After you submit your photo to the contest, we are suggesting to share it on your Instagram account using this semester’s theme - #ShowLithuania.

13 best photos will be published in the calendar of the year 2016.

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