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 ===== Erasmus in Schools closing event (2016.05.28) ===== ===== Erasmus in Schools closing event (2016.05.28) =====
-{{:​projects:​am_programos_studentams_2016.05.27.pptx|Erasmus+ programme ​and Exchange ooportunities ​by National ​Agency}} +The closing event of Erasmus in Schools project was held on the 28th of May and hosted in ISM Management and Economics University.\\ 
-{{:​projects:​esn_and_eis.pptx|ESN and EiS by Darija Kupstaitė}}+\\ 
 +  * Exchange opportunities by Ilona Kazlauskaitė (National Agency) 
 +    * {{:​projects:​am_programos_studentams_2016.05.27.pptx|Presentation}}\\ 
 +  * ESN and EiS by Darija Kupstaitė (National ​Board) 
 +    ​* ​{{:​projects:​esn_and_eis.pptx|Presentation}} 
 +  * Exchange experiences by Greta Skirdailaitė (ESN ISM) and Gor Zhamharyan (ESN ISM) 
 +  * Discussion: how to improve ​EiS
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